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Borderline is a series of five-minute audio drama documentaries set in the universe of Joss Whedon's Firefly, documenting life on some of the Border and Rim worlds through the years of the Unification War ... from an Alliance point of view.

  Status: complete
Number of episodes available: 12
Average episode length: 6 minutes

The links on this page allow you to access episodes individually, bypassing the podcast feed altogether. To play an episode in your browser, click on the [MP3] link. To download and save an episode, right click on the [MP3] link, and select "Save Link As" from the context menu.

[MP3] [Show notes] [Comments]   Episode 1: Shadow, April 12th, 2506
[MP3] [Show notes] [Comments]   Episode 2: Santo, September 13th, 2506
[MP3] [Show notes] [Comments]   Episode 3: Perth, January 8th, 2507
[MP3] [Show notes] [Comments]   Episode 4: Silverhold, May 4th, 2507
[MP3] [Show notes] [Comments]   Episode 5: Athens, August 16th, 2508
[MP3] [Show notes] [Comments]   Episode 6: Jangyin, February 19th, 2509
[MP3] [Show notes] [Comments]   Episode 7: Angel, November 6th, 2509
[MP3] [Show notes] [Comments]   Episode 8: Shadow, July 18th, 2510
[MP3] [Show notes] [Comments]   Episode 9: Ezra, October 27th, 2510
[MP3] [Show notes] [Comments]   Episode 10: Hera, April 12th, 2511
[MP3] [Show notes] [Comments]   Episode 11: Paquin, July 11th, 2511
[MP3] [Show notes] [Comments]   Episode 12: Cortex Talk, July 25th, 2511
[MP3] [Show notes] [Comments]   Intro/Promo

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