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Old Wounds

The production company Sonic Cinema is proud and very excited to bring you the first Firefly fan audio to hit the 'Verse. It's the season two that never was.

  Status: complete
Number of episodes available: 6
Average episode length: 31 minutes

The links on this page allow you to access episodes individually, bypassing the podcast feed altogether. To play an episode in your browser, click on the [MP3] link. To download and save an episode, right click on the [MP3] link, and select "Save Link As" from the context menu.

[MP3] [Show notes] [Comments]   Episode 1: Nothing's the Best Thing
[MP3] [Show notes] [Comments]   Episode 2: All Alone in the Black
[MP3] [Show notes] [Comments]   Episode 3: The Hub
[MP3] [Show notes] [Comments]   Episode 4: Religiosity
[MP3] [Show notes] [Comments]   Episode 5: Faith
[MP3] [Show notes] [Comments]   Episode 6: Mail Job
[MP3] [Show notes] [Comments]   Intro/Promo

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