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Name's Driskoll. Evelyn Driskoll. Private Eye. I work where the police won't go: the slums, the blackout zones, the shady underworlds of Osiris. Got an office down on Brock Street. You got a case, I'll take it. I don't work cheap but I get results. Don't ask how.

  Status: complete
Number of episodes available: 6
Average episode length: 8 minutes

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[MP3] [Show notes] [Comments]   Episode 1: Blue Sun Blues
[MP3] [Show notes] [Comments]   Episode 2: The Mysterious Doctor
[MP3] [Show notes] [Comments]   Episode 3: Darkling River
[MP3] [Show notes] [Comments]   Episode 4: Academy of Murder
[MP3] [Show notes] [Comments]   Episode 5: Shadowed Woman
[MP3] [Show notes] [Comments]   Episode 6: The Gentlemen with the Blue Hands
[MP3] [Show notes] [Comments]   Intro/Promo

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