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The moon of Severance had one of the lowest crime rates in the known 'verse but all that was about to change... A new story based in Joss Whedon's universe of Firefly and Serenity featuring all new characters.

  Status: complete
Number of episodes available: 10
Average episode length: 14 minutes

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[MP3] [Show notes] [Comments]   Episode 1: A Good Pair of Boots
[MP3] [Show notes] [Comments]   Episode 2: The Gathering Storm
[MP3] [Show notes] [Comments]   Episode 3: Here Comes the Judge
[MP3] [Show notes] [Comments]   Episode 4: The Cracker
[MP3] [Show notes] [Comments]   Episode 5: Kicking Back
[MP3] [Show notes] [Comments]   Episode 6: The Incongruous Suit
[MP3] [Show notes] [Comments]   Episode 7: Meet the Neighbours
[MP3] [Show notes] [Comments]   Episode 8: Unlocking the Puzzle
[MP3] [Show notes] [Comments]   Episode 9: Death Walks By
[MP3] [Show notes] [Comments]   Episode 10: General Revelations
[MP3] [Show notes] [Comments]   Intro/Promo

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