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The River Tam Sessions (Video)

River Tam is interviewed by an unnamed psychologist before and during her time at the Academy. Starring Summer Glau and Joss Whedon.

  Status: complete
Number of episodes available: 5
Average episode length: 2 minutes

The links on this page allow you to access episodes individually, bypassing the podcast feed altogether. To play an episode in your browser, click on the [Video] link. To download and save an episode, right click on the [Video] link, and select "Save Link As" from the context menu.

[Video] [Show notes] [Comments]   Episode 1: Session 1 (Extract)
[Video] [Show notes] [Comments]   Episode 2: Session 22 (Extract)
[Video] [Show notes] [Comments]   Episode 3: Session 165 (Extract)
[Video] [Show notes] [Comments]   Episode 4: Session 416 (1st Extract)
[Video] [Show notes] [Comments]   Episode 5: Session 416 (2nd Extract)

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